Today was my 2 year assessment. For you to understand where I am now, I have to tell you where I began. My whole life I have been the overweight girl. My whole family struggles with obesity so I just accepted that that was my lot in life as well. I hated how I felt and knew I needed to change, but the idea of going to any gym and being judged by others was horrifying.

In October 2012, I walked into CMC. Initially I was terrified of the bodybuilders I saw lifting weights I couldn't dream of lifting. My goal was different than many who come here looking for a place to transform into a competitor. My goal was just to be able to climb stairs without getting winded and not have to shop in the plus size section. I committed to trying my best each session, making the meal plan fit into my life without feeling like I was deprived, and trusting my coaches. To my continual surprise, it has worked! And those bodybuilders who terrified me on day one have become some of the most encouraging and supportive people along this entire journey!

Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been easy at all. I have had horrible days where I ate things that would never be on anyone's meal plan and have had failures and setbacks with my workouts and a nagging knee injury, but rather than let it derail me as it would have in the past, I remember that every day is a new day. And today, after 2 years here, I am down from a morbidly obese 42.66% body fat to a healthy 21.54%. That's approximately 60 lbs of pure body fat, and 6 pants sizes!! I know I couldn't have done it without Cinzia and Shawn and all of you who have encouraged me along the way and helped me realize I am stronger than I think I am.

So are you! Press forward towards your goals whatever they may be!

In September of 2012 I followed Team 907 Muscle Girls online as they traveled to compete out of state and I told myself I want to do that someday! My baby girl was two months old. Two months later I took myself back to CMC Personal Training Studio (again :D) and got to work!

I got my meal plan, set up training sessions, and joined the team. 15 months later I stepped on stage in Vancouver, Washington for the NPC Vancouver USA Naturals & Tanji Johnson Classic, approximately 35 pounds lighter and my body fat down about 17%! I had a blast and honestly can't wait to do it again! I took second in my class (Figure 5'4" and under) and am looking forward to this weekend where I will complete my second show, the 2014 Jackie's Place Alaska State Championships. I am so proud of what I have accomplished in the last 15 months and can't wait to set some new goals this spring and start working towards them! Train hard!

And we are proud of Ashley too. Ashley is now a Veteran 907 Muscle Girl with three competitions under her belt.  What makes Ashley's transformation even more inspiring is the fact that, Like many CMC clients, she is a mother and a wife - a, "average" woman who simply didn't let her children become a reason to quit.  She struggled to fit it all in and even wondered if she could do it at times but she never quit!  Ashley has now moved on to her next challenge - that of making her fitness goals mesh with her family responsibilities and she is off to a great start!  Look for much more success from this mother, wife and Muscle Girl!

This is a little overdue..

...but as the holiday season approaches I want to thank my awesome coaches Cinzia Massaro Clapp and Shawn Clapp for the mentorship, knowledge and friendship that I've gained through this journey and for their continuing support and guidance as I get ready for the 2014 NPC Alaska State Championships.

I see them only several hours a week but their influence stays with me even when I don't. When I started in Sept 2012, I was 230 lbs and 30% body fat, taking meds to control my blood pressure, cholesterol, and type II diabetes.

Today, I'm 195 pounds at 15% body fat, while retaining my lean body mass. Also I'm off half my meds and the blood work is outstanding.

The biggest lesson I learned was that no matter how hard I worked out, my diet needed to be straight in order to see some significant changes. Inspired by my workout buddy CJ Jenkins, I've decided to compete in my first bodybuilding competition and I am taking my diet more serious.

Thanks CJ for and thank you to all my new friends that I've met along the way who have supported and cheered me on.

Read Monica's Testimonial Here...

Monica's transformation has inspired everyone around her, from her immediate family, to her coaches, to her fellow 907 Muscle Girls!  She started her journey at CMC Personal Training Studio in December 2011 at 33.76% body fat, weighing 179.5 pounds.

Monica worked hard and followed the plan laid out for her by her coaches.  Inspired by her friends around her and driven by a desire to succeed, Monica eventually decided to take her fitness to the next level and joined the 907 Muscle Girls and set her sights on walking on stage at the 2012 NPC Midnight Sun. 

Monica reached her goal of competing in the Midnight Sun in the Figure Division, and stunned her supporters and fellow Muscle Girls with her poise and grace.  Before stepping on stage Monica reached 15.72% body fat and 146.5 pounds for a total loss of 18% body fat and nearly 30 inches!

For her impressive commitment Monica was awarded the Momma O's 2012 NPC Midnight Sun Transformation Award and went on to compete again at the NPC Washington Ironman in Seattle where she turned out with even more impressive results.

Monica continues to train at CMC Personal Training Studio once a week and continues her fitness journey as a 907 Muscle Girl and is sure to continue inspiring those around her.  We are very proud of Monica's success and the example she sets for others and we are looking forward to more and more success from her! 

Monica Before Starting Her Journey 


Monica the day she started at CMC


Monica With Her Husband After the 2012 NPC Washington Ironman - down 30 inches and 18% body fat!