Here's how to get started.

1. Review the various fitness coaching packages.  

Most clients typically purchase the 12 or 24 session 60 minute or 30 minute session packages.  It all depends on how much personal coaching you feel you will need as well as your individual goals.  The frequency at which you will train with your coach also has a lot to do with the package you purchase, as well as budget (the bigger the package, the cheaper the price per session).

2.  Decide if Diet Coaching is required.

It has been said that transforming your body composition is 100% diet and 100% training.  We subscribe to this school of thought.  The bottom line is, whatever your fitness goal, what you eat plays a critical role in your success.  Whether you are training for performance, fat loss or building muscle, you simply cannot ignore nutrition.

3. Determine if Gold Membership is for you.

To us, true success is when a client graduates from training with us every workout one-on-one to training on their own, following the plan we help him or her develop, and works with us on occasion to get a "tune-up".  

Some clients start out training with us two, three, four or even five times a week but eventually graduate to meeting with one of us once or twice a week and training the rest of the time on their own.  This is where Gold Membership comes in.  You still receive on-going diet coaching, frequent assessments, 24 hour access to use studio equipment and online access to the private Gold Member website and Facebook group for inspiration, motivation and communication with other Gold Members and Coaches.  

All this is designed to keep you tuned in to the CMC culture and on track with your success!

4. Book your appointment.

Once you have reviewed the information and determined what is right for you, or if you have more questions and need help deciding, use the contact form on this website to get started with an initial telephone interview or call 907-952-3168.  A CMC team member will get back to you as quickly as possible.