The CMC Gold Member program is open to active CMC Personal Training Studio clients who wish to utilize the studio outside of their scheduled sessions with their coach.  Gold Members can take advantage exclusive benefits, including:

  • 24-hour, unlimited studio access
  • member only initial diet coaching rate (on-going diet coaching / adjustments included with membership)
  • frequent body composition assessments (as often as every two weeks)
  • resistance training and cardio plan development and guidance (adjustments as necessary based on progress and life changes)
  • private online coaching access through the CMC Gold Member website and private Facebook page

*A minimum private fitness coaching four session package is required in order to join the Gold Member program.  There is a minimum 4 month commitment after which you may cancel at any time without penalty.

The origin and purpose of the Gold Member Program

My partner, Cinzia Massaro Clapp - IFBB Pro and I form the team that makes what CMC is all about.  Together, as a husband and wife team,  we coach clients with a very unique style.  Our approach begins with the understanding that each one of our clients is a very unique human being with specific needs that include, not only nutrition and training, but psychological needs as well.

We both personally, as a family and when working with clients, live by the quote: "Change your mind and your body will follow!"  Our mission is to spread the happiness that comes from living by that phrase.  

For years we have coached our clients using the traditional one-on-one and small group training sessions and we have seen a lot of success stories but we knew from the beginning that, in order to perpetuate our clients' life-long success, there must to be minion and redundancy.

This is what the Gold Member Program is all about.

It's about forming a community filled with like-minded people who share the same goals and a healthy respect for each other.  

The CMC Gold Member Program is a community of men and women, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, all sharing the same desire to improve their fitness and health to become stronger, leaner, faster, healthier and happier

It all begins with an initial telephone consultation to assess whether our studio is a good fit for you and if you are a good fit for our community.  It's about mindset and attitude.  

Are you ready to be truly committed to changing your fitness level?  

Are you ready to receive expert guidance from some of the top coaches in the country?

Request an initial phone consult today!