You had our six, now we've got yours!

The intent of this program is to offer our CMC Gold Membership to members of the armed forces and veterans who have served in direct combat engagements with enemy forces.  This distinction is recognized in the various branches in e few ways.  Currently, the Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard award the Combat Action Ribbon (CAR), the Army the Combat Action Badge (CAB) and the Air Force the Combat Action Medal (CAM).  If you have earned one of these we are honored to offer you free membership to our fitness studio.  

the Army and Air Force have added these awards more recently and, as a result, there are veterans of these branches who have served in direct combat but were not awarded a CAB or CAM.  In these instances, other evidence of direct engagement with the enemy will suffice.  Such evidence includes personal decorations that include action against enemy forces as a criteria such as the Silver Star which requires gallantry in action against an enemy of the United States. 

Other awards such as the Bronze Star or Navy Achievement Medal with a V device authorizes are also good examples as a V device denotes heroism or valor in combat rather than just meritorious achievement.

In the end, the spirit of this program is to recognize veterans who have actively engaged in fighting with the enemies of the United States so each case will be considered on it's merits so, when in doubt, use the Contact Form on this website and we will be happy to respond to any questions or inquiries.